4X4Tracks.com is a product dealer and not the manufacturer of ANY products being sold on this site.

After market products come with a manufacturer's warranty. All claims under the manufacturer's warranty must be pre-approved by the manufacturer. 4X4Tracks.com may assist the purchaser in processing warranty claims. 4X4Tracks.com by assisting in the submission or processing of claims under the manufacturer's warranty does not constitute an express or implied warranty by 4X4Tracks.com. Only a manufacturer of the product can approve a warranty claim.

4X4Tracks.com makes no warranties in respect to the products being sold. 4X4Tracks.com expressly disclaims all express warranties regarding the products being sold. 4X4Tracks.com does not impliedly warrant the merchantability, suitability or fitness for a particular purpose of the products being sold. This disclaimer of warranties including express warranties and implied warranties is a condition of sale of the products and purchaser by purchasing the product acknowledges that the disclaimer of all warranties is a part of the sales transaction.

After market products such as products sold by 4X4Tracks.com may void warranty the purchaser's original equipment warranty on the ATV/UTV. Purchaser is solely responsible for determining whether "after market products" sold to purchaser will or may void original product warranties.

Any and all disputes shall be resolved according to the laws of the state of Michigan and venue for any and all disputes between purchaser, the end user, and 4X4Tracks.com as a product dealer shall be in Oakland County, Michigan.

All products are sold in the state of Michigan and the laws of the state of Michigan apply to all sales made on this site.

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