Will my ATV/UTV still fit in the back of my pickup with tracks on it?

With ATV track systems installed on your ATV/UTV, your vehicle will be a few inches wider when compared to tires, but it should still fit in your pickup box. You may need to provide raised support, for example simply stacking two wood pallets in the back of your pickup allows you to drive the tracks in and clear the fenders.

How much power does it take to pull the tracks?

ATV track systems have a very low power requirement and because of the UC design you gain torque. How is this done? The UC drive sprocket is smaller then your ATV tire (by about 1/3), naturally gearing down the power to drive ratio delivering more power to your ATV track systems.

Will tracks have an effect on the turning radius of my ATV/UTV?

Although ATV track systems do add width and length to your ATVs wheelbase, your overall turning radius is not significantly effected.

Does the ATV track systems raise my machine and make my ATV/UTV more likely to tip?

It's true that you gain about 4 inches of vehicle clearance when you install the ATV track systems, but since you add weight next to ground level, gain a longer and wider wheel base you actually gain stability.

When I upgrade my ATV/UTV will I be able to use my ATV track systems on my new machine?

ATV is designed to be installed on most any 4X4 ATV, if you buy a new ATV that has a different bolt design then your current machine, it's likely that all you'll need for the installation on your new ATV will be the correct linkage and adaptor kit.

How long do the tracks last?

The rubber track on ATV track systems is designed to provide you with many miles of enjoyment and service. The life of the rubber track, just like tires is dependent on a number of factors including; weight, speed and surface abrasives. In soft nonabrasive terrain at low speeds and lighter loads you will have longer track tread wear. Hard abrasive surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, like with tires, will cause more track tread wear.

What type terrain can you go through? Will the tracks go through mud, snow or rocks?

ATV track systems will allow you to go where tires normally are not able to go. The tread design and added surface contact you get from a track compared with a tire gives you great traction on soft terrain such as snow, mud and sand. The larger footprint of ATV track systems gives you low ground pressure (averaging about 3/4 psi) providing you flotation and allows you to travel on top in snow, mud, sand or swamp.

How much time is required to change between tracks and tires?

Once you have completed the initial installation of your ATV track systems, changing back and forth between tracks and tires requires little more than the time required to change tires, the conversion can be completed in as little as 45 minutes using regular tools.

How fast can I drive my ATV/UTV with ATV ATV tracks installed on it?

ATV track systems are engineered to operate at speeds within your ATV manufacturers factory specifications and top speed is only limited by the size of your ATV/UTV. In most instances there will be a reduction in top end speed of approximately 30% due to the natural gear reduction gained through the smaller diameter drive sprocket. For example an ATV that can travel at 60 mph top speed on tires, would travel about 40 mph top speed with tracks.

Do I have to make modifications to my ATV/UTV to install ATV track systems?

Although during initial track installation some hardware and brackets will be installed, very little or no modifications to your ATV/UTV are required depending on make and model of ATV/UTV.

Will ATV track conversion system work on any ATV/UTV?

ATV is designed to fit on most all major brands of 4X4 ATVs, this is done through the use of a linkage and adaptor kit which allows you to remove the wheel/tire and bolt on your ATV track systems.

How easy is it to steer your ATV/UTV with ATV track systems?

When stopped moving very slowly, steering is more difficult when compared to tires. Once you get going a little faster, steering becomes easier and you'll find it's about the same as tires. In deep melting snow or mud it is more difficult.